Riks specialises in the supply of high quality windsurfing equipment from JP Australia, Neil Pryde, MFC Fins, Quatro, and now Point-7.
Although our store is based in the United Kingdom, our experience with export allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver customer requirements all around the world.
So if you share our passion for windsurfing and would like to benefit from an attentive service, please give us a try!

Compact Wave Thruster

£1,749.00 *

The Radical Thruster Quads will take you to a new level of wave riding!

£1,749.00 *

The most neutral and ‘on-off’ wave sail, the Fly excels in pure, clean waves where the light, soft handling allows for an experience as close to surfing as possible.

from £549.00 *

(Size: 3.6)

The Salt is the Point-7 all-out performance orientated four batten wave sail.

from £369.00 *

The Mission FZ was built for unrestricted freedom of movement and superior warmth.

£289.90 *

(Size: 400 SDM)

The FLX40 offers affordable performance.

from £229.00 *

The X9 boom features a monocoque carbon boom body and tail extension.

from £769.00 *

(Size: 8'0")

Easy, stable and fast to paddle

£1,349.00 *

(Box: US Box, Size: 21)

Ideal for wave/freewave conditions.

£89.99 *

(Size: S, Colour: Black/White)

The radical WAVE tool approved by Brawzinho, Ricardo Campello and Camille Juban.

£139.99 *
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